JoJo’s Story

Helping the Community

JoJo’s gives 50% of its profits to Makanalani Kids Camp. This camp enables children with few opportunities to have a free holiday in a tropical environment and to experience God’s love and the love of others. Every time you buy a shave ice from us, you’re helping the overall mission of Makanalani and giving a child an experience of a lifetime.

If you’re interested in becoming more involved in the mission of Makanalani and help spread Jesus’s love across the islands, you can become a sponser here.

Makanalani also has an intern team that helps around the farm, kids house, the Naikela tea garden, JoJo’s, and Chicken in a Barrel. This internship is based around serving others, building community, and growing in your relationship with God. If you’re ages 18-29 and wanting to spend 3 months in Kauai serving and growing, check out the Makanalani intern page here!

What makes JoJo's Shave Ice so delicious?

For starters, we don’t use commercially made syrups. Instead, we carefully make up our own syrups using cane sugar (no corn syrup), water, and hawaiian made flavoring.

Our cream toppings are also homemade. Using condensed milk, ice cream, and a little bit of flavor!

The addition to ice cream at the bottom of your shave ice is also what makes our shave ice so delicious. It’s the perfect suprise when you’re finished with your ice! Try some the next time you stop by.

The JoJo's Story

The original JoJo’s was started in Waimea in 1992. That store is still there to this day and still has it’s original JoJo’s sign. JoJo’s goal is unchanged- to offer the ultimate in Shave Ice on Kauai. When we expanded to Hanalei and Coconut Marketplace, we took the JoJo’s traditions and secret recipes along with us.