“This is the original Jojo’s location.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE their shaved ice. Before I had Jojo’s I never really liked shaved ice. Thought it was just ice with syrup that is not coated evenly so you’re just eating ice, however, Jojo’s blew my expectations out of the waters and I would definitely recommend this place. I basically came here everyday on my week vacation (whether that was in Waimea or in North Shore) and my go to shaved ice was the cherry and pineapple (Think of those big stick ice cream bars from your childhood!) with mac nut ice cream. MY FAVORITE!

The atmosphere is very laid back and friendly! Nate and Becca were awesome! Thank you guys for the tremendous and delicious shaved ice. When I’m back in Kauai, Jojo’s I’m coming for you!!” 😀 – Jamie D.